Do not Join NSIT for Ph.D Programme



Do not join NSIT even if you get admission. They will not give u any facilities to pursue your Ph.D. They will not even give you a place to sit n do your work. Stipend / Fellowship is very little only 25k pm and that also comes after 4/5 months

They will make you do do lots of useless work and don’'t give facility to even take printout etc. Most of the labs will always be found closed, so you don’t even get a proper computer to do your work.
No financial assistance to present your paper in international conference. Teachers have no knowledge of how to do research.

In short it is a very bullshit place SO MY ADVICE DONT TAKE ADMISSION HERE


I am surprised to see such feedback regarding NSIT. It is one of the best institute in Delhi. Also I never saw similar complains earlier. Are you a student at NSIT?


Hi @aman

This is Sahil here. I have studied from NSIT and worked with Phds as well. Under Whom you are doing Phd?

I would like to have conversation with you regarding this. Please send a Unicast mail regarding the same and please do it.