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CBSE conducted CTET Exam on 22 Feb 2015. The Central Teacher Eligibility Test Paper 2 for classes VI to VIII (elementary stage) conducted, from 9.30 AM to 12 Noon. Paper 1 for classes I to V (primary stage) conducted, from 2 PM to 4.30 PM.

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Paper I set B Question no. 26 answer is 1
Q No. 28 Answer is 1 ; Q No. 29 Answer is 2


In question no. 26 - In my opinion, there is a slight confusion as to which groups CBSE is referring to as “Disadvantage groups”. If the Disadvantage groups indicate differently abled students then the answer should be 1 But if the disadvantage group indicates the economically backward classes then answer should be 3.

In question no. 29 In my opinion, there is confusion again.

Piaget wrote for social Experience - " Accordingly, Piaget believed that children construct an understanding of the world around them, then experience discrepancies between what they already know and what they discover in their environment"

Piaget Wrote for Language- “Piaget claimed that cognitive development is at the center of the human organism, and language is contingent on knowledge and understanding acquired through cognitive development”.

Can you please specify why in your opinion, the answers should be the ones you have mentioned? Pls help us to get correct answer and also pls clarify your opinion with reason.


Paper 1 Set B Question # 77. Answer is option 4 not option 2. Its rat. Don’t go as per answer in Arihant.


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