CBSE PSA Previous Year Question Paper



Continuing the discussion from CBSE PSA For Class 9 and Class 11:

CBSE PSA Question Paper with Answers

CBSE PSA Question Papers are given below along with their correct Answers. Previous Year Question Papers are best resources for understanding the PSA Paper Pattern. Solving these question papers will serve the purpose of practice for PSA Exam as well. We have uploaded previous year question papers for both class IX & Class XI which you can download for free.

CBSE PSA Sample Papers for Class 11

CBSE PSA Sample Papers for Class 09


Wow! It’s awesome to have PSA last year papers as many student are in need of the papers. :smile:


True! For exams like PSA where there no prescribed syllabus or examination pattern, previous year question papers help a lot. They give complete idea about the type of question which comes in PSA Exam.