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Here you can discuss the question paper for UGC NET on 28 Dec 2014.

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CBSE NET 28 June 2015 Paper Discussion

Subject: Sociology
Paper 1, Set Y
Question 10, 12, 26 and 34.

Tell me the correct answers for these.


Paper 1, Set X. Question Number 2, Correct answer should be A (author=a writer of a book; not a Pen)



Question 10: Both © Foam industry & (D) Pesticide industry looks correct to me.

Question 12: I think “(A) A university established by an Act of Parliament” are empowered to confer or grant degrees under the UGC Act, 1956.

Question 34: A smart classroom is a teaching space which has (i) Smart portion with a touch panel control system and (iv) Projector and screen

They also have PC/Laptop but they should be connected with internet and not DVD/VCR Player.


Here “Warrior is related to sword, carpenter is related to saw, farmer is related to plough” prefession are rlated to tools. For author who writes things will use “Pen” as tool.


Paper 1, Set Y question numbers 13, 20, 23, 25, 28, 30




@Deethu_Kj Question Paper 1 for all subjects are same. Answer Keys of all Sets are already published. Link for the same is given above.

@ivonlee There are many subjects, it may take some time to prepare key for Paper II and Paper III.


paper-2 # commerce Question No.23 Ans:(A)
paper-2 # commerce Question No.24 Ans:(B)
Paper-2# commerce Question No.36 Ans:(A)


Paper 2, sociology question number 9 I think would be option ‘b’. And question 3 I think option c. I googled and found these answers. Please check once and confirm.


Paper # 2
Subject# Management
Question No 21 Answer as per keys provided on the website is A but it should be B as per my view correct me if I am wrong


Subject: Commerce
Paper: 2
Question 10 ©
20 (d)
22 (a)
24 (b)
25 (d)


@Basanta_Chutia @saheli_ganguly @akash_t @Roopa_Prithvi

For Paper 2 Please post the query in the format

Paper #
Complete Questions & Options


I have appeared in UGC NET 2014 Dec. for English. I am sorry to inform that a lot of answers given in the Answer Keys for Paper III appear not perfect. Like,

Q.No 4. In Arpha Behn’s Oronookko ,how does the titular character die ? The ans. is given © but the correct ans. should be ( D) He is cut to pieces slowly by the executioner.( he is publicly ridiculed and executed. During his death by dismemberment, Oroonoko calmly smokes a pipe and stoically withstands all the pain without crying out.)

Q.No. 8 .Who among the Shakespeare’s contemporaries did not write tragedies ?
The ans. must be (B) John Lyly ( but ans is given (D) Ben Jonson who has written a single tragedy named Sejanus His Fall (1603).

Q.No. 5 The narrative of this novel is a meticulous ,present tense account of a woman with a death-wish who plots the circumstances of her own violent murder. Identify the novel .
The ans are given both (A) and ( B) . Which one is correct ?? Both ?? Plz clarify …

Q.No. 15. Who first developed the notion of 'competence ’ in language ? The ans. is given ( A) but it should be (B) Noam CHOMSKY.

Q. No. 25. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison is widely recognized as a masterpiece.It is also one of the finest examples of ----the ans is given ( A) science -fiction but the right ans. should be © coming -of -age novel ( H.G Wells’ well known novel ‘‘The Invisible Man’’ is a science fiction )

Q. No. 30. Two of the following plays won the Sultan Padmasee Prize for Indian plays in English : The Ans is given (D) – I and IV (Princess and Doongaji House )----the ans. is right but the alternative ans. can be (A) III and IV ( Larins Sahib and Doongaji House ) Princess, Larins Sahib , Doongaji House----- all these three plays are the winners of the Sultan Padmashree Award for Indian plays in English. Hence, Both the options ( A) and ( D) appear to be correct.

Q. No. 51 . Two among the following poets wrote ''Village ‘’ poems that adress the perennial themes of rural poverty :
the ans. is given ( A)–I and III ( O.Goldsmith and Samuel Johnson).But the right ans. should be © --I and IV (O.Goldsmith and George Crabbe)

Q.No. 53. Mystery and Miracle plays in English were based on —the ans .is given ( B) but the right ans. must be ( C) Biblical stories .( Mysteries and Miracles were based on biblical stories)

Q.No.54. When we re-write a piece of discourse from one script into another ,it is called ----the ans. is given ( A) Translation but the correct ans. seem to be (B) Translitaration ( re-writing something from one script to another ).

Q.No. 75. The ans is given ( D) but it should be (A)—The Bird.

I have searched these answers in the google and other websites and I think these are correct answers.


Paper 3, Education
Question 72. National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education in India (2009) was developed by NCTE and NCF 2005 was developed by NCERT.

The pdf of both the documents are available on the below list

So correct answer code is ©


Paper 1, Set Z

According to me the Correct Answers are

  • Q 4 B
  • Q 12 B
  • Q 15 B
  • Q 19 C
  • Q 21 D
  • Q 23 D
  • Q 31 B
  • Q 33 B
  • Q 59 C

Please give comments on these Questions


Paper: 2
Subject: Management

Q21 # Which of the following concepts holds that consumer prefer the products which are easily available and are inexpensive ?
A) The product concept
B) The production concept
c) The selling concept
D) The Marketing concept

Answer Provided is ( A) but as per my view it would be( B )

Q 33: How many degrees of freedom should be used to apply chi-square test statistic on a contingency table, having 5 rows and 4 columns
A) 20
B) 12
C) 7
D) 9

Answer provided is © but as per me it would be (B)


Paper # 3
Subject: Commerce

Reviewed the following Answers

  • Q 09 (a)
  • Q 10 (b)
  • Q 13 ©
  • Q 40 (d)
  • Q 57 (b)
  • Q 65 (d)
  • Q 75 (a)
  • Q 73 (d)


@Joydip @pratibha_gupta @Sumit_Choudhary @akash_t @Roopa_Prithvi Thanks for your feedback. I have asked the content team to review these questions. I will update you once the keys are updated.


SET W, X, Y and Z Paper 1 Keys are revised. Subject papers keys will be revised one by one.


paper# 1
series: W
Question 25 (d)
As per the question in agriculture sector the CO2 emission in 2009 is 2.5 times as in 2005.
But in other sector it is lesser than 2.5 times. Hence agriculture has recorded maximum growth in CO2 emission.