CBSE Board Class 11 Preparation for PCMB



Guys please give me some tips to top in class 11. Some names of nice websites, some refreshers or anything related to class 11

Hots questions online tests for class11 pcmb

Regular studies and completing your CBSE Class 11 Syllabus on time wins you half the game. Complete your projects, assignments and practicals on the day they are assigned and get them out of your way.

Start with easier chapters and gradually proceed to topics that you find more difficult. With basics brushed up, you will find that even the most difficult topics will melt down to simpler easier concepts.

For subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, solve at least 5 to 10 questions daily without failure.

At least three months before the exam, your focus should shift to revision of chapters you already know, solving past year question papers and getting your doubts cleared.

Many CBSE board exam questions are directly picked up from NCERT books. So, read them carefully. Also if you are not able to solve some question you can check out NCERT Solutions.

Biology students must practice their diagrams. Flowcharts and cycles can be a good way to learn lengthy processes that might otherwise seem too difficult to learn.

It is often said that there is no better practice than match practice. Solve one CBSE sample question paper each day, preferably from 10 AM to 1 PM, in an environment as close to the one you expect at your examination. After you have solved the paper, mark yourself as per the CBSE marking scheme. Pick a different subject for each of the five/six days. Assess yourself at the end of the week, look at your weak areas and try to rectify them in the weeks to follow.

On the day of exam, do not worry about the chapters you have not covered well. Most chapters do not carry more than 4 to 5 marks in the CBSE question paper. So, you will still be equipped with more than ammunition to hit off those scores!


Thanx a lot di, it will really help me in topping 11. really salute you.

What are the books we need to follow. Also give names of some nice websites or name of nice refreshers so that I can excel in class 11.


As mentioned above NCERT are the best books to prepare for any class examination. However to understand in detail or ease of learning you can refer few other books.

You can also refer to the NCERT Exemplar. These contains lot of important questions which may come / or similar questions may come in the examination.

Few Books Students Refer for Class 11 Preparation

  1. Pradeeps
  2. Lakhbir Singh
  3. Together With
  4. ABC

You can also get lot of resources from CBSE Academic Official Website


Thanks a lot for advising me. I am highly obliged to get such advise.

Can you also suggest me some website from where I can get questions,online tests but the website should be free of cost.


Sites I know where you can get free resources

I hope this will help you.


all these websites are known to me n also they are not free of cost :smiley:


Not all part is paid on any of the above site.
If you know all these then you have lot of resources. Best of Luck!


What are the steps I should take or the things I must cover in order to be the topper of class 11. Everyone says that taking PCMB in CBSE is too tough. It may prove to be burdensome. I just want to make them dumbstruck by scoring above 95%. So kindly tell me the things for effective study & for topping the class.


I am sorry to know that my information provided above did not helped you much.


What do you mean by on time. How many many months?


If you really want to top the class, finish all the subjects as soon as possible and keep revising till end. You should complete whole syllabus at least 3-4 months before the final examination.


i m a student of class eleventh i wanted to know which book should i read rather ncert for scoring 99% in school exams???

also answer this questiion
How can i prepare for my 11th exams in 1 month…Please reply…


If you really want to top in your exams, first stop asking same thing to everyone and focus on your studies. Once you have completed your completed syllabus and revised it 2-3 times you can go for tips to score high marks.


I think the best way to prepare is to get into a good coaching class like CatalyseR or kalpavruksha where the faculty is good and pays individual attention too.


result of class 10 is announced on may so can I start the study of class 11 in these days of about 45-50 days. Please tell me sir I was so confused what to do in these days.


You should start Studying english syllabus and Complete it before the results are announced of class 10th… because even if u take Humanities commerce or Science english will be in your subject list.