Can i join DU after 5 years?



I am currently in 5th year of with 15 backlogs. i want to drop out of the college. Can i join Delhi university for some other course? I gave my 12th exam in 2012. If yes, what is the procedure? and what about gap year affidavit?


Yes you can join Delhi university after 5 years gap but there is some procedure for this. You have file proper documents for the admission.
The rules vary from college to college.
According toast year prospectus details we found that-


You can also read FAQ here-

You might have to submit an affidavit for this.

It is advisable that you must go for some career oriented professional course and can peruse your graduation side by side via SOL that is correspondence courses from Delhi University.
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You can join for other interesting courses in institutes like Delhi university, Lovely Professional University, Hyderabad university etc. You may have to give the reason for your gap… That is enough to get admission in these institutes. You may get scholarships also for finishing the course successfully.