CA CPT December 14, 2014 Paper Discussion



CA CPT exam has been held on 14th December, 2014.

Here you can discuss the question paper for CA CPT Dec 2014.

Test takers are not allowed to take the question paper along with them after the exam. But after the crucial test, many of you must remember some of the questions.

If there is any question you remember, and what to know the correct answer of, you can ask it here. Please use the following format while asking your question.

Section -
Question -
Options (as many as you remember) -

We have published the Answer Keys on AglaSem Admission. If you think there is some mistake in the Answer Key, you can post those questions here and we will solve it for you.

Also, mention your expected marks in the exam if you can.

If you have not yet checked the Answer Key please Click Here


Complete Question Paper & Answer Key published at:


Part two is not available there. I want part two also.


The options given to the question 58 of Quantitative Aptitude is not clear as it was mentioning the same option for all the the given 4 options. Please check through that and please intimate me towards it.

Also please check the question numbers 18 and 37 as the information given is not adequate to take up with the given key, it was from economics.


Question 89 from Maths the answer should be option © either equal or unequal. Please explain as I have even checked on net, histogram can be created with unequal class interval too.


Qs 58: I think there is some problem in the options recalled from memory. According to me, the solution should be as follows.

Answer should be p^3

General Economics Section

Qs 18 : Options are: a) Rs.300 b) Rs.35 c) Rs.305 d) Rs.350

Qs 37: Question is : Qs is- “Partnership in excellence” programe has been launched by ministry of power to __

Thank you for pointing out these errors!

@ayush_agarwal There is a slight doubt in this answer. You are right, that histogram can be created with unequal class intervals as well. But ideally, the answer should be equal. However, it is now up to ICAI to determine what the correct answer would be.