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This is the discussion thread for BITSAT 2015, the admission test conducted by BITS Pilani. If you have any queries regarding the application form submission, admit card, exam; ask here. Please read the most frequently asked questions regarding BITSAT 2015 answered below.

My board doesn’t give aggregate marks for 12th exam. What marks should I enter?

  • For CBSE, include PCM and English/Hindi and one additional elective (total five subjects) in your aggregate. For ISCE, include PCM and English in the aggregate.
  • Others should calculate the aggregate marks (or its equivalent) and attach a note explaining the method used by them to calculate the aggregate.

While entering the 12th exam marks, should I include the practical marks also? Can I include 11th and 12th year marks?

The subject-wise and aggregate marks are to be given for the 12th year examination only. Don’t include the 11th year exam marks. For practical marks, use the method used by your board to calculate the subject-wise marks.

I have applied Online. But, I made a mistake in entering preferences. I want to change them. How to do it?

You were advised to be careful before entering and confirming the data while applying online. If you want to change the preferences, you can apply again with changed preferences. You can use this facility only once. The changed preference form should be sent with a fee of Rs 250/- so as to reach admissions office, BITS Pilani before 5.00 PM on 30th June 2014.

What is the cut-off marks required in BITSAT-2014 to qualify for admissions?

It is not possible to predict the cut-off scores till all applications are received. The cut-off scores for I Semester 2013-2014 is available here. This is given only as information and the cut-off for First semester 2014-2015 will depend on the number of applications and the seats available.

I have not registered for BITSAT. Can I apply for admissions?

Unfortunately No. The last date for registering for BITSAT-2014 was 15th February 2014. Except for first rank students of central/state boards in India, those who have not appeared in BITSAT-2014 cannot be considered now.

Are there any seats reserved for NRIs?


I have obtained 74.6% in PCM aggregate. Will you consider it as 75%?

No. We need a minimum of 75.00% or more in PCM aggregate.

I have obtained 74.9% in PCB aggregate. Will you consider for B.Pharm (Hons).

No. We need a minimum of 75% or more in PCB/PCM aggregate for B.Phram (Hons) Programme.

I want to apply for Pilani , Goa and Hyderabad campuses. Should I apply separately?

No. A single form is sufficient, where you can give your preferences to all the first degree programmes except B. Pharm. (Hons.) Programme for all the three campuses.
For B. Pharm.(Hons.) Programme you have to apply through a separate application form.

I had already registered for BITSAT. Why should I apply again for admissions?
It is necessary to apply for admissions separately with the marks obtained in 12th exam and also giving your preferences to different degree programmes, along with the requisite application fee.

What is meant by Dual degree?

Under dual degree scheme, a student can concurrently work for and complete two first degree programmes. Normally, a student requires a minimum of 5 years to complete these two programmes.

I am interested in Dual Degree. How do I apply for the same?

While seeking for admission to BITS, you do not apply for a dual degree. You apply for admission to one of the first degree programmes available. If admitted, at the end of the first year at BITS, you will get an opportunity to apply for dual degree.

I have passed 12th exam only. I have not done a BSc. How do you expect me to apply for M.Sc. now?

The M.Sc.(Hons.), and M.Sc.(Tech.) are Integrated Masters programmes offered by BITS. There is no intermediate B.Sc. degree. The input qualification and duration is the same as that for a B.E.(Hons.) program.

BITSAT 2015 Application Form Queries
BITSAT 2015 Application Form Queries

In BITSAT Application Form 2015 I put biology instead of mathematics, how i can send a written signed request for the correction. What is the process?


What is the difference between B.E(hons) and


Essentially, there is no difference between a B.Tech and a BE (hons) in terms of course curriculum, standards and job prospects, in India, especially in renowned universities. Are you specifically asking about BITS?


Yes. I only asked because the brochure for BITSAT stated only B.E (Hons), while I have been seeing only B.Tech on other university brochures. Also, their brochure states their programs as integrated courses, so i was wondering what that meant.

Thanks a lot. :smile:


There is no difference between B.E. and B.Tech. Both are almost same. Mainly two types of Universities are in India. One type of University offers degrees in many fields like Sciences, Commerce, Arts, Engineering and many more. This gives B.E. Other type offers only related to Engineering. So it gives B.Tech degree.

B.E. (Hons) is same as B.E, except that you can choose Specialization subject in last year.

BITS offer integrated courses only. Integrated courses are 5 year courses including UG & PG (M.Tech).


@Rudra_Srillex The FAQs page only says You cannot edit application Online once submitted. If the mistake is minor, you can send a written signed request for the correction.
I will try to call up the BITSAT office and ask the exact procedure for the same. You can also try to call and email them at.

  • Tel: 01596-242205, 01596-515294 / 330 Fax: 01596-244183 (on working days from 9.15AM to 5.00PM)
  • Email : [email protected]

As soon as we get a response, will update you out here.


I have completed my class 12 in 2013 can i apply for bitsat exam


We have completed our fee enrollment but till now we didnt get any information about out registration. Application number is 607002. Transaction id is 141683692.

How to send u an email such that to contact you. We hadn’t get any information that we required. We want to communicate you


Please send an email to [email protected] for help with details of your form / registration.


I am not getting any link to download bitsat hall ticket can u plz help me out


Admit Card of BITSAT 2015 will be available for download on April 15, 2015.