BITS Fee Structure


What is fee structure for BITS B.E. or M.Sc for all campuses / courses. Please mention here


Fee Structure for a Academic Year

Each Academic Year consists of two semesters. First Semester: September-January and Second Semester: February-June


@avantika please tell me what AED refers to :confused: ???


I think she published BITs Dubai Fee Structure. Here is the Fee Structure for Remaining Campus

BITS, Pilani- Pilani Campus .

BITS, Pilani- K.K.Birla Goa Campus

BITS, Pilani- Hyderabad Campus

  • $ The above prescribed semester fees is for the FD, HD and PhD students admitted in the academic year 2014-15.For these students, the semester, term and admission fees will be revised upward every year but will not increase beyond 15% each year (unless the government announces any new levy/tax, which will be passed on to all existing students irrespective of their year of entry)
  • @ Vice-Chancellor may waive full or part of tution fee to deserving Ph.D. candidates, who are not getting any fellowship or scholarship.
    • subject to increase according to the nature of courses.
  • # For some specific programs requiring special treatment, fees and the mode of their payment will be determined by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the Chancellor