Ayurveda Scope and Salary


Can you please tell me about the scope of Ayurveda if i take admission now? Also tell about the Ayurveda doctor’s different salaries all over the world. Is it good or bad course.


Ayurvedic is also known as alternative medicine / holistic medicine / herbal etc. Some experts say that 80 per cent of India’s population uses Ayurvedic medicine. We are living in the World where we are creating diseases due to our lifestyle and habits.

Due to this, Ayurveda Sciences and courses are becoming more and more popular. There will be requirement for Ayurveda doctors in the near future. With this view, you can go ahead.

As far as salary is concerned, a fresher can get 20,000-25000 in Govt. hospitals and 10,000-15,000 in Ayurveda Centres. You can start with your own clinic as well.