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I have tried to log in several times with different browser and different time. I also tried in night hours.

What to do for application? Is there any other site then

AIPMT 2015 Application Form Correction Queries [Mistakes in application form and how to correct]
AIPMT 2015 web site

The website is the official website for AIPMT 2015, there is no other website where you can apply for AIPMT 2015.

I have checked the site and now its working fine. You should try to apply again.


I also face same problem at my home computer where as at the same time the official site is working from my friend’s house. Can any body help me how to solve this problem?


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I am unable to upload the photo, sign and LTI in the AIPMT 2015 Application Form. When I am trying to do so, the page just hangs up. Please help.


@alok_ranjan_Sahoo Please make sure that the images you are using are of requested format and size.

If the dimensions and format of the images are correction, please try uploading the images from different browser or device. I will suggest you to upload the images in not busy hours like late night or early morning.

I hope these will solve your problem. If it still persist please let us know.

@Manoj_Khan AIPMT web server is not performing good. You may see error on the website many times. However these are just temporary errors and site works after some time. Also AIPMT website generated a session to which does not remain active if you open another page while submitting the Application Form.

Please do not open any other page once you are on application form page. Also try different device if the site is not opening on you computer / laptop.


In AIPMT 2015 web site, after entering the students information and click submit, it gives error “browser is not supporting Password Encryption”


A few other students also have been facing this problem. I believe that the issue is being resolved when you use the latest version of IE.


It doesnt seem to work in any browser, even in the incognito mode. Do you have any other ideas on what we could be doing wrong?


Change the device. It works fine in any browser in some devices but does not work in other devices. Use some other computer or laptop to apply.


In AIPMT 2015 web site, after entering the students information and click submit, it gives error “browser is not supporting Password Encryption”


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I wrote AIPMT last year.whether last scores r valid this year. Can I participate in counselling.I have not applied for AIPMT 2015. PLS help me


In AIPMT exam last year scores are not valid. For 2015 medical admissions through AIPMT you need to appear for examination this year.