AIPMT 2015 Application Form Correction Queries [Mistakes in application form and how to correct]



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The AIPMT 2015 application form submission is going on at the moment. Cases of wrong details submitted in the application form are aplenty! If you have entered incorrect details or uploaded wrong scanned images, keep calm! There is no point in panicking. We are here to help you out.

This is AglaSem’s official thread for AIPMT 2015 Application Form Correction Queries. You can ask your questions here for form correction in particulars of AIPMT application form 2015.

AIPMT will give an opportunity to make correction in Personal details filled in the Online Application Form.

You may face difficulty in making corrections if you made mistake in Exam Centre Selection, State Code of Eligibility, Paper Language and Nationality.

Let us know what mistake you made while applying online for AIPMT Exam 2015. Lets discus and reach to best possible solutions.

AIPMT 2015 Discussion


I had applied for AIPMT2015 for my daughter today with my daughters photograph taken last month and without the date of photograph taken and name in the photo. The required fee of Rs 1200 also has been paid after uploading the photo,signature and left thumb impression. The online application is suceessfully submitted and I could take the printout also.

Is it required me to upload new photo taken after 1-12-2014 and with name written and if so how to do it before the lat date of application ie 31-12-2014.


Once the AIPMT 2015 Application Form is submitted successfully and Fee is paid, no further modification is allowed. AIPMT will not reject the Application just because of the photo without Name & Date. However correction may be required.

Last year a chance had to given student to make corrections in Application Form. For AIPMT 2015 its mentioned in the Information Brochure that correction related notification will be announced.

Any permissible correction / updation in the Online Application to be intimated through the AIPMT website

There will be an option for one time online correction of personal particulars of candidates. However, candidate will not be allowed to correct CHOICE OF EXAM CENTRE AND LANGUAGE OF QUESTION PAPER under any circumstances.

Please wait for the notification for further details.


@Jagadeesa_Pisharady At this point, details of correction have not been given by CBSE for AIPMT 2015 application form. Last year, such defects were allowed to be corrected in a given window. I would suggest you keep correct photograph scanned and ready, so that as and when AIPMT announces form correction, you can make the required changes.


I have submitted AIPMT 2015 Application Form online on 05 Dec 2014. I have scanned a photo (without name & date), signature and left thumb impression. After submission of the application I came to know that photograph should be with name and date.

What should I do now? Will there be any problem? What will be the remedy?


I am in 12th standard now & appearing for final exam in March 2015. Which qualifying examination code should I fill in AIPMT Application Form?


I have given right hand impression instead of left. What to do now? How can i make correction?


I uploaded the wrong photo. I mean the photograph is correct but it was suppose to contain name and date. And my photo does not contain the name and data but the photograph is correct. What should i do?


I too have a similar predicament. I have uploaded a pic with no name or date. My fees are paid & printout is ready. Please keep me updated about when changes can be made to the Application Form.


@joy_mukherjee @aashi_singh @guptamini4 @Priya1 Similar query has been answered alredy. Please refer to the response, link is given below for the same

If you have any further query please let us know.


@Santosh_Karnik As per the AIPMT Information Brochure Code 01 is applicable for

Candidate who is appearing in the qualifying examination, i.e., 12 th Standard in 2015 whose result is awaited, may apply and take up the said test but he/she shall not be eligible for admission to the MBBS or BDS, if he/she does not pass the qualifying examination with the required pass percentage of marks at the time of first round of Counselling.

If you schools is following normal 10+2 format like CBSE Board you have to opt for this option.


I am facing problem in making payment using SBI. There is no e-challan available on the site for SBI and when I opt to pay by the online payment gateway by SBI debit card, the site says “coming soon…”.
Please tell me what shall I do!


@praveensahu If you have filled in the initial details of your form, note down your log in credentials and log in again. Pls remember to carefully note down log in details and security qs-ans.

e-challan of SBI, Syndicate bank, HDFC bank, ICICI bank are available. Maybe it is not being displayed at the moment. Pls log in and try again. If still not available, you can pay through challan of the other banks. Any specific reason why you want to opt for SBI? There are no extra charges in the case of e-challan for any of the banks.

Debit card - Most probably there is a technical issue in the SBI debit card transaction at the moment. You can either pay by the other options that are available (if you have any other credit / debit card); else I would suggest you pay by e-challan only.


I have filled the wrong state of domicile will i go to jail or rejected?

I have filled wrong state of domicile by mistake. I am living in UP and giving my 12 board from UP but born in Bihar and I didn’t know the meaning of domicile and thought that it is birth place and filled Bihar. Will i get chance to correct it or will I get rejected or go to jail?



There will be an option for one time online correction of personal particulars of candidates. However, candidate will not be allowed to correct CHOICE OF EXAM CENTRE AND LANGUAGE OF QUESTION PAPER under any circumstances.


I have dropped a year and while filling the application form i submitted 01 as my qualification code and after that my friends told me that for us the qualification code is 02. Now I am in tension. Will my form get rejected or there is chance of changing my qualification code?


The problem is, I don’t have accounts in banks other than SBI and I have rechecked, there is no e-challan for SBI.


I filled the AIPMT Application Form of my sister today and filled it upto 4th step i.e only the payment part is left. But I don’t know if the thumb impression I uploaded was of right or left. Can I change it now? If yes how?


@Vikram_Manwar Your Application will not be rejected for this mistake. There will be an option for one time online correction of personal particulars of candidates.

@praveensahu Take help of your friends or anyone else and pay the AIPMT Application Fee using other bank e-Challan or Credit / Debit Card. Don’t wait for SBI payment option. There is very less chances that it will be activated this year.

@Anwesha_Nayak Once you complete a step there is no option to go back. You will now not be able to make any modification in the Application From. Please proceed with the payment. You can make the correction later if required.