AFCAT 02/2015 Question Paper and Answer Key Discussion



AFCAT 02/2015 was held on 13 September 2015.

Here you can discuss the question paper for AFCAT 02/2015.

We have published the Answer Keys on AglaSem. If you think there is some mistake in the Answer Key, you can post those questions here and we will solve it for you.

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What do you think the AFCAT Cut Off 02/2015 will be?


Set xiv
Series a
Ques3, the correct answer should be “b” if you see it in the light of the paragraph provided.

Ques 30: a fool’s errand means to take up an event which won’t be successful … the correct answer could be © as well.

Ques 66:females,doctors and patients? These questions are to be answered as per the words of the question and not after drawing paralells from the world. The answer should have been (a) that females can be both doctors n patients.

Please explain how the answer is (b)

Ques:89 and 93
Please explain.


Hi, I also attempted the same set as urs i.e. ‘A’

For question 3 i also have the same doubt because i also marked answer as ‘B’ and reason is same as yours.

For question 66 answer should be ‘C’ because female,doctors and patient all are big terms or classes so in that way some females can be doctors but not all so D–Doctors,F-female, P-Patient D can’t be inside P and similarly P can’t be inside D but they can intersect
and in the similar fashion Patients can be male and female both and doctors can be patient too and so C justify all the scenario so C is correct please correct me if i am wrong.

For question 86 Please follow these instruction
i) Rotate the figure by 120 degree(Approx) in anticlockwise direction
ii) Invert the symbols on it
so in this way answer will be ‘C’

For question 89
follow following instructions
i)Shorter hand moves 45 and 90 degree alternatively in anticlockwise direction
ii)long hand moves 120 deg in clockwise direction
in this way answer will be ‘D’

For question 93 there is 4 small elements in a square
i) Last comes at 1 and simmilary 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 and 3 becomes 4
ii) and then they change there position i.e if it is on left then in next fig. it will come on right and vice versa
iii) and finally symbols invert its orientation except triangle and arrow symbol so answer is ‘C’.

I answered all ur doubts
will u please share ur views on Q-3,6,9,53,79,100

Please correct me if i am wrong!!!

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List item


I think according to the trend of previous papers and keeping difficulty of paper in mind in my terms AFCAT 2 2015 Cut off will be 128-130.

To all answer for question 100 should be ‘B’ not ‘D’

please justify ‘D’ and share your views.


Set XIV Series A

Question 3 - They think every person’s burden to be light and their own feathers to be as heavy as lead.

B and C are quite similar, yet C inclines more towards a mentality that is wrought with the illusion of others enjoying and themselves suffering.

Question 30 - There is a big difference between a task being useless, and impossible.

For example, training a dragon is impossible, but not useless.

Question 66 - I am inclined to agree with. This question is open to discussion at the moment. Answer could quite possibly be A or C.

Question 89 - The small arrow is moving 45 degrees counterclockwise, and the larger arrow is moving 135 degrees clockwise.


What happened to the result… Any idea about the final cut off?

I still feel it is B for questions no.3 since we have read it In the light of the comprehension provided.

Thank you for rest of the answers


AFCAT 02/2015 Result is expected to be declared in the third week of October, 2015.

You can check out the past years Cut-offs from here -


Thanks anshum_jindal.

I was under the impression that the result was out.


AFCAT 02/2015 - Result declared

AFCAT 02/2015 result has been declared now check here -

Best of luck !!!


sir, my name: SRIKANTH GAI. i have written afcat / exam on 13 sep. 114852 this is my admitcard number. i hav not received results or any notification. my register no :221767. plz replay me about my results.


You can check your AFCAT 2015 Result from here -