Additional materials for studying


Hey, do you use any additional study materials to prepare for entrance exams? If yes, could you share the sources?


Hai… I was preparing for exams with a tutor… But additional source I use to learn (I study IT) is online courses from Bitdegree.

Maybe not very suitable for entrance exams, but definitely very good for additional studying about your field.


I saw bitdegree org for the very first time, at a glance I like the interface, and I see lots of content for free in cryptos and game developing, which is my area. What was your experience? Worth spending time or rather pay some bucks to get more quality?


For me it was worth it, I tried several coding courses including their new gamified solidity course (for beginners) as I am very eager to deepen my knowledge in this field and got very strong basics of the topic.
And, actually, by taking courses there you will be able to earn their Bitdegree tokens which will be paid after completing some parts of particular course, so this is a very cool feature.
Finally, this platform intends to connect students who take courses with employers who can see students’ progress and then offer job positions to the best performing students.
So, taking into account all of this, Bitdegree is very valuable source for additional studying. Do you think the same?


Well, If you ask me, I agree up to a point. I still want to get deeper in the tutorials, that I found few very interesting and conceptually informative. I’m familiar a bit with smart contract developing, cuz I follow guy from Dapp University at youtube. His topics are profoundly great, but too much extensive so I stop following at the times. Comparing to him Bitdegree indeed solves the concentration problem. It’s entertaining and educational at the same time. Thanks for sharing!