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Queries and discussions on fashion and design entrance exams and admissions. Such as CEED, NID, NIFT, SOFT and all the relevant exams and college admissions.

This section is for all the aspiring fashion and designers. There are many entrance exams, college admissions which are important for you. It is apparent that the pressure of studying and applying for tests, colleges will be tiresome for you. AglaSem Forum seeks to make the process easier and hassle free.

You can ask and discuss about the entrance exams and college or university admissions relevant for fashion and design field here. Please keep in mind a few things while posting a question or answering in a discussion.

Mention the name of exam
Please ensure that you have mentioned which specific exam or college you are seeking information about. Don’t be vague about your queries. Examples of a good and bad question could be:

Bad question - When will I be able to download application form?
Good question - I wish to apply for NIFT 2015 exam. When will the application forms be available?

If your question is self explanatory, we can immediately answer to you, and the community can pour in their suggestions.

Do not use foul language

We respect your views and opinions and you have every right to express yourself. But do not forget that words once spoken cannot be taken back. Also, in the internet, your words define you. Do not say something which could hurt the sentiments of others. Be patient and try your best to avoid obscene language.

Participate in the discussion

The only that makes a forum a strong community is its users. If you know the answer to a question, please help out and answer. We are sure you will be as proud of yourself as we will be of you!

Have a great time!