A problem on Probability


I wasn’t sure about the answer to the following problem, so I decided to put it up here. I will be glad if someone can help me out.

Question: In a family of three children what is the probability of having at least one boy?


possible outcomes=MMF,MFM,MMM,FFF,FMF,FFM,MFF,FMM
favourable outcome=7


@Patrik_Chatterjee The following cases are same, as the order of children is irrelevant in this question.

  • MMF = FMM = MFM, FMF = FFM = MFF.

In my opinion, the correct solution is as follows.

There are 4 possible outcomes - GGG BBB BGG BBG. Out of these four outcomes, 3 are favorable. So the probability should be 3/4. Am I right @BubbleGumMadness ?


@Ekta - Age matters that’s why order matters. The cases you mentioned, therefore, are not same. So Patrik is right.