7 ways to burst the Evil Exam Stress!


7 ways to burst the Evil Exam Stress!

The month of March comes with joy of Holi for most, but for the school students, it drags along the evil exam stress. Almost every student falls prey for it and if not handled properly, it adversely affects performance as well as health.
Does your heart starts racing when you open your book? Do those math equations give you stomach cramps? Does the history lessons scare you to sleepless nights? If it’s a yes, you are the latest victim of exam stress!
Fight it out with these simple tips and win the battle against stress.

1) Keep distance from negative people.

All of us have that one friend or relative who constantly scares you about the approaching exam. Just blacklist them from your life until the exams are over. Keep in touch with some cheerful souls, they can be your parents, your siblings or even a cartoon character!

2) Plan your day.

We know that a timetable is the hardest thing to follow, but only if you make it hard. You should make a plan - a really doable plan. Know your capacity and schedule your studies accordingly. Plan one day at a time and make sure you stick to it. Sticking to plans is as important as planning them.

3) Not only studies, plan you breaks too.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So don’t be Jack, and take timely breaks after study sessions. You may also reward yourself after achieving your daily targets. Finish a chapter or exercise and celebrate it with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Yum! we know it.

4) Healthy mind resides in healthy body.

It goes without saying that you should eat healthy anyhow. And during exams, it becomes more important to have adequate and timely intake of healthy food. Opposite to the popular myth, tea, coffee and energy drinks should be avoided when stressed. Foods with high vitamin and mineral level such as fruits actively help to reduce stress levels.

5) Music is a good escape.

Though you still couldn’t learn those lengthy answers but a soothing song will surely relief your brain from that torture. It is seen that people with good taste of music remain calm in tough situations. Sometimes rhythmic reckoners help a lot in learning process. So next time when you are stressed, just grab your headphones and play some good music.

6) Think positive!

It’s all in your mind. If you think you can’t solve a problem, chances are you may never. Start thinking positive; make yourself believe that you can. Stay inspired and always try to picture yourself scoring well. It will boost your confidence and urge you to learn and perform more. The best way to de-stress is to be positive.

7) Take a sound sleep.

Sleep is nature’s process to reboot your brain and reboost your body. Never sacrifice your sleep to study a little extra. Especially on the night before exam, you must go to bed early. A good 8 hour sleep will increase your mental as well as physical efficiency. So sleepwell and perform well.

Now when the code is cracked and the secret is out, just follow it and defeat the stress monster.

Good luck for exams everyone! :+1:


Listen to Classical Music and taking Quick Walks also help.

Try to Get Enough Sleep. The benefits of a proper night’s sleep can never be underestimated.

Eating Dark Chocolate (best one). Believe it or not this is 100% true. Eating dark chocolate which is over 70% cocoa fights the stress hormone cortisol and has an overall relaxing effect on the body. Plus chocolate releases endorphins which act as a natural stress fighter.