19th NSO unofficial Answer Keys


Please provide unofficial answer keys for 19th NSO class 9 Set B soon.


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19th NSO,SET A, Class 2.
Which letter represents a living thing?
Answer Key is given is option C, i.e ®
But it may not be the proper answer.In the case of plants,the answer will be option B ,i.e (Q).
Plants also represents a living thing.
Answer C will be correct,if the question is,
’’ Which letter represents all living things’’ BUT, Here The question is
’’ Which letter represents a living thing’’.since plant is also a living thing,logically in that case the answer will be option C.


19th NSO, SET-A

Dear Admin,
I think the right answer of question no. 12 should go with the option B (Q).
The question is ‘Which letter represents a LIVING THING?’ Logical reasoning shows that Q can breathe and needs food though it can’t move on its own. But that doesn’t mean that it is a non-living thing, as we know INABILITY TO MOVE ON ONE’S OWN CAN NEVER BE A QUALITY OF BEING A NON-LIVING ELEMENT. For instance, a plant can’t move on its own but it requires breathing and food. Again, all sponges of the phylum PORIFERA are sessile.CAN WE THEN TERM THEM ‘NON-LIVING ENTITY’? Definitely not.
THE OPTION C ® would be apt if the question were " Which letter represents ALL LIVING THINGS?" or "Which letter represents animate objects?"
Please, have a look and think over the matter.