after the recent protests of students regarding the year back system, the following recommendations were forwarded by the Vice Chancellor to the appropriate statutory bodies and seeking their approval to bring about the necessary amendments:

1) the students who have failed to attain 90% of the total credits in the year previous to the ensuing academic year would be given an oppurtunity to appear in supplementary examination(s) to enable them to attain minimum 90% of the total credits which is necessary for them to be promoted to next academic year. but the students shall be required to attain 50% credit in the ensuing academic year to be eligible for appearing in supplementary examination.

2) there is provision of grace marks in semester examination of all programmes. those grace marks in the buffer ( if not utilised previously) may be used in the respective reappear/ supplementary examination from the academic year 2011-2012 only.

after the aforesaid recommendations are approved by the statutory bodies, the supplementary examination would be conducted in the month of july/august. the concerned students may await for suitable notification of dates of Supplementary Examination in this regard by the Controller of Examinations.