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Thread: IIT-JEE: Students, be prepared for surprises

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    IIT-JEE: Students, be prepared for surprises

    The most-competitive exam is round the corner and experts have doled out11th-hour tips for students taking up the IIT- JEE, scheduled for Sunday. Professors suggest that students should always be prepared for a few surprises in the pattern of the paper.
    “The pattern is always unexpected. There could be a few surprises. However, if students are well-prepared, there is no need to worry,” said HN Subrahmanyam, education consultant, BASE.

    With more than five lakh students appearing for the exam this year, Subrahmanyam said that since all the students would come across the same hurdles, there was no cause for concern. “Students should go in with a positive attitude. They should remember that there is no need to get anxious at the last minute,” he said.

    Sridhar, founder of Ace Creative Learning, has a piece of advice—reading through the paper for the first five minutes. “While attempting the exam, 45 minutes should be allotted for each subject during each session. After paper-I, the only analysis that should be done is to understand the pattern of paper-I. More attention should be given to the subject in paper-II if the candidate has not attempted that subject to his/her satisfaction in paper-I. If you think a problem involves multiple steps, try to attempt it in the end,” he said.

    It’s not only important to keep cool before and during the exam, even afterwards students should avoid discussing the subject matter with others. This, Sridhar said, makes one unnecessarily tense. “Just stay confident and encourage yourself for the efforts you have been putting in,” he said.

    Subrahmanyam urged students to reach the exam centre at least half an hour prior to the commencement of the exam. “If the address of the venue is not certain, parents should go a day before and check out the place. During a break between papers, students should go through the summary notes that they should have prepared, he added.
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    Thanks for sharing this detail.

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    Re: IIT-JEE: Students, be prepared for surprises

    I think the article misses the most important step for the preparation. Online exams are very new in India - most people are giving an exam online for the first time. An important step towards being prepared is to take a few online mock exams in the weeks leading up to the exam.

    It is crucial to make sure you are comfortable sitting in front of a computer screen for the entire duration of the exam, know where the timer is, know how to review questions, know how to change answers, and how to check all answers.

    I have found very few online services that are currently offering mock jee exams online. Coach Pal recently started their online mock series and most of it is even free. I'd highly recommend it to people taking online exams. Even for the others, it has a great collection of questions and has been pretty good at estimating expected questions for a lot of entrance exams.

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