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Thread: Facebook again....

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    Facebook again....

    Social networking giant Facebook has hired an engineering student here for a fat annual pay package of Rs 1.34 crore, one of the biggest offers made to alumnus of any technical institution of the country.

    According to P Chakravarti, Director of the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), a B.Tech student from the institute, who has requested that his name be withheld for "security reasons", received a letter on March 27 from Facebook confirming his appointment and the annual pay package on offer was stated to be USD 262,500 (around Rs 1.34 crore).

    Interestingly, the MNNIT Director said the recruitment process began with a mail from Facebook "in October last year which was followed by nine rounds of telephonic interviews" before he was finally selected for the plush job which would require the student, who hails from Kanpur, to move to Menlo Park in California after finishing his software engineering course at the institute.

    "Many students from our institute have bagged lucrative jobs. We have knowledge of at least 30 of our alumni getting selected with packages of more than Rs 10 lakh from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe etc", Chakravarti said.

    "However, this one has been unprecedented and we are sure that no other student from any of the other institutions in the city or the more than two dozen National Institutes of Technology across the country has so far been offered such an awesome pay package", he added.

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    Rs 1.34 crore package, amazing.. Now i can see the benefit of education...

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    If i was in place of this guy then i wud have told all newspapers to write my name as many times as they wish.
    After all " Paisa toh aata jaata rahega par yeh mauka(publicity) fir kabhi nahi milega "

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    Facebook is a one social networking site. Facebook hired by an engineering student annual pay packages by 1.34 crore, This has a one of the most biggest offer salary packages of technology institute. Microsoft, amazon and adobe are offer to the 10 Lakh annual packages many technical students in technical institute.

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    what say we all ask this guy for a party! After all, happiness should be shared
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